We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.



Introduction to Motion Capture & PCap Bootcamp

Cost: $250 | Duration: 8 Hours | Prereqs: None

If you want to be the best, then your training starts here.

This class is for the beginning or experienced actor, stunt or physical performer wanting to understand and better prepare for work in Performance Capture. This class introduces the performer to the world of Motion Capture, and helps them understand:

  1. What “motion capture” is and recognize the different types of Motion Capture technology.
  2. How performance capture acting is similar, and how it can be very different than film acting.
  1. The different types of performance capture and what you’ll need to get ready for it.
  2. Imagination meets movement: Introductory movement exercises to help you better understand the challenges, difficulties and magic of performance capture action and acting.

Intermediate Performance Capture Skill Set: basic nav action, in-game movement, and intermediate movement performance.

Actors, Stunt-people and Specialty performers alike will benefit from the essential skills in Performance Capture Bootcamp as it advances and evolves the craft learned in the Intro class and builds upon them so that you are fully prepared to not only understand everything involved with Navs (Navigations, the full scope of movements needed to drive the characters in video games and film) but the process, rules and variables often associated with this type of performance capture. This class also covers essential action including the fundamental attacks and reactions that are required in even the most basic of action scenes and nav captures.

Notes: This is a very physical class. Please inform instructor of any physical restrictions or persistent injuries before class begins. Safety first.


Action 1: Stunt Fighting Basics

Cost: $75 | Duration: 2 Hours | Prereqs: None

TJ Storm Motion Capture Action

Every Studio knows that ACTION sells. Action permeates almost every facet of the biggest-budget Video Games, Films and TV shows. This class will help get you up to speed in the basic skills and information that Actors, Action-Actors, Stunt Performers and Creature Performers ABSOLUTELY NEED to perform basic fighting and reactions in the Action genre. This course is especially valuable for Actors that intend on auditioning or performing action if they want to have an edge.

Note 1: This is a very physical class. Please inform the instructor of any physical restrictions or persistent injuries before class begins. Safety first.

Note 2: This class is a required as more advanced Action/Creature classes build on the fundamental skills laid out in Action 1. Certain Stunt Performers and Action Actors may skip this class with permission from the instructor and/or META Admin. Please contact us at [email protected] for more info.

Action 2: Intermediate Stunt Fighting Practice

Cost: $220 | Duration: 4 Hours | Prereqs: Action 1

Action 2: Intermediate Stunt Fighting Performance continues to expand the performer’s repertoire of fighting moves, reactions, and on set expectations to get them on par with working professionals. You’ll continue your combat training, adding movement, style, and rhythm to advanced cinematic combat techniques and understanding.

Actors, Action Actors, Creature and Stunt Performers alike must absolutely have these skills in their toolbox to be fully prepared for film, tv, and video game performance.

Note 1: This is a very physical class. Please inform the instructor of any physical restrictions or persistent injuries before class begins. Safety first.

TJ Storm Motion Capture Tactical


The Way of the Sword 1: Swordplay Basics for Action Performance

Cost: $220 | Duration: 4 Hours | Prereqs: None

Samurai. Swashbucklers. Jedi. These warriors of myth, legend and history have captured our imaginations for as long as we can remember. This class dedicates itself to teaching you how to help bring these legendary stories to life by learning basic swordplay strikes, parries, footwork and reactions as well as the on-set weapon etiquette to keep you safe during your choreography training and final performance.

Notes: Class will provide basic Shinai (bamboo sword) for you.

The Way of the Sword 2: Advanced Swordplay Performance

Cost: $220 | Duration: 6 Hours | Prereqs: The Way of the Sword 1

The Way of the Sword 2 takes the basic sword skills learned in Way of the Sword 1 and builds upon them, adding footwork, character skill, and cultural context to your performance. This 6 hour class, combined with practice and our optional weekly workouts, will sharpen your sword skills to a solid, audition ready state. Furthermore, you’ll be prepped and ready for Way of the Sword 3.

Terence Rotolo and TJ Storm Swords Class


Tactical F.U.B.A.R. 1: Firearms Undergoing Battle Assault Readiness

Cost: $220 | Duration: 4 Hours | Prereqs: None

From Avengers to Battlefield, Call of Duty to John Wick…

Today’s storytelling demands that performers have a solid FIREARMS/Weapons skill set. This course will get the Pcap performer audition and performance ready by being comfortable with modern weapon use, tactical movement, firearm etiquette, trigger discipline, and proper weapon-fire replication. We will also cover some fantasy weapons common to the genre (Phasors, Beam weapons, armor ignoring Rebel Blasters) as well as the basic bullet hit reactions and blast reactions.

Notes: This class uses plastic replica weapons as used on most Pcap stages.

Tactical F.U.B.A.R. 2

Cost: $220 | Duration: 6 Hours | Prereqs: Tactical F.U.B.A.R. 1

FUBAR 2 continues to build upon and expand the performers’ tactical firearms skillset. We focus on further ingraining basic firearms operating procedures while introducing advanced firearm manipulation, tactical group movement and command, and preferred methods of tactical positioning used by law enforcement, military and special forces.


Beast Mode 1: Introduction to Creature Performance

Cost: $220 | Duration: 4 Hours | Prereqs: None

Groot TJ Storm Mocap

“I am an animal who dreamed he was a man. But the dream is over and the beast is awake.”  ~Sabertooth~

Performance capture is often at its finest when creating characters that are “other than human.” From Aliens to Zombies and everything in between this class helps you to “Wake the Beast”. To understand the different body types, movement ranges, and mindsets that will allow you to begin creating fantastic yet realistic characters that are the definitive keystone in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror genre performance. Whether preparing for video games or film, you will not only lay the foundation for future character work of every type, you will learn and assimilate many of the special rules, tricks and pro-tips that are absolutely essential to your skill sets in all aspects of performance.

Beast Mode 2: Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them)

Cost: $220 | Duration: 6 Hours | Prereqs: Beast Mode 1

Intermediate Creature Movement Performance

This second class in the Beast Mode series helps you not only hone your character building and creature movement skills but to carve out the memorable performances necessary to prepare for and “nail” auditions, collaborative pre-visuals, and performances for video games, VR, tv and film.

TJ Storm Motion Capture Ultimate Predator


Heroes 1: The Hero’s Journey: The Call

Cost: $220 | Duration: 4 Hours | Prereqs: None

What is a Hero?

Wonder Woman? Luke Skywalker? The Black Panther?In the Hero’s Journey, you will learn what it takes to be the Chosen, The Hero and even a Super-Hero. You’ll examine the emotional states, and thus the physicality, that defines Heroic performance so that your auditions and performances are sharp, and crystal clear. Understanding the Hero will give you the advantages you’ll require to compete in a market of Film, TV, and Video Game opportunities needing a Hero to lead their project.

That Hero could very well be you…

Heroes 2: The Hero’s Journey: The Point of No Return

Cost: $220 | Duration: 6 Hours | Prereqs: Heroes 1

In Heroes 2 you will continue the Hero’s Journey,  delving deeper to understand what is expected of your character choices, character development and how to welcome the obstacles that your inner (and outer) Hero must face to survive and thrive in a world that may seem competitive and hostile. Simultaneously we will drill down harder into Superhero movement and motivation to prepare you for an industry that requires and expects the very best.


Magic, Wizardry, and the Force in Mocap Performance

Cost: $220 | Duration: 4 Hours | Prereqs: None

Merlin, Maleficent, Skywalker, Hermione, Gandolf, Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange and The Last Airbender. These adepts of otherworldly forces bring wonder and awe to generation after generation.

Magic, Sorcery, Wizardry, The Force…

No matter the name, the mystical might behind Fantasy and Sci-fi is actually often more science than art.This class helps to hone your character choices and movement skills so that you master the performance of wielding your character’s supernatural forces, and better understanding the fundamental elements, timing, and mannerisms that it takes to make those choices count in the magical fabric of storytelling.

We will look at the many types of Magical performance, Movements, and the interplay between forces and character as well as how to focus your character work to better support the story.

From Padawan to Sorcerer Supreme, this class puts the magic in your hands.