Haruo Nakajima, was best known as the original suit actor in the film Godzilla (1954). Nakajima-san started his career as a stunt actor, obtaining his first credited role under director Akira Kurosawa. The suit actor’s energy and dauntless attitude saw him through several films including Seven Samurai. Nakajima-san was known for his passion and discipline. He brought Godzilla to life, helped fuel the imaginations of millions around the world and influenced the film industry. His legacy (twelve films as Godzilla) still burns brightly today.

METAAA is committed to investing in the next generation of artists and performers. Every artist has a voice. Every performer has a story. We hope that our new scholarship will not only encourage students who might otherwise not have the opportunity to train at such a high level to strive for their dreams but for those students to become successful and use their voices to tell their stories so that they might someday inspire others as well.


The scholarship is open to actors, action actors, stunt performers, and creature performers in the Greater Los Angeles area. METAAA will award one year’s worth of classes and training (valued at $12,800) to the scholarship winner.

We are excited to be accepting applications for 2024! 


Congratulations to the 2023 Haruo Nakajima Action Actor Scholarship Recipients!