By registering for classes at The Mind’s Eye Tribe Action Actors Academy (METAAA), you agree to the below terms and policies as well as fully release, discharge and indemnify METAAA  and its employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims which may accrue on account of your participation.

STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT: Expectations of our students. We strive every day to build skill, craft and character in our students, both on and off the stage, and want to deliver the very best learning experience for all of our performers. We have the following expectations of them to make that possible.

Expectations of students and teachers:

  1. Show respect for others: Students will respect the rights and feelings of the other participants. Fighting, bullying, name calling, intimidations, bigotry of any kind, inappropriate language or any other form of emotional or physical abuse or unwanted contact directed to one another, Directors or Volunteers will not be tolerated.
  2. Maintain a Professional Focus: Students are expected to pay attention to and follow the Instructors so that they can get the most out of their time here. Disruptive, distracting or problematic behavior that affects this learning environment will not be tolerated. Students may not use cell phones or electronic games during classes, rehearsals, or performances. Cell phones must remain silent during these periods.
  3. Respect our Space: Participants will respect the workspace facilities, props, sets, and all other METAAA (and/or it’s associates) property. They will pick up after themselves and work to keep the theatre and classrooms clean.
  4. Dangerous Items: No illegal drugs, no alcohol, and no tobacco in or around the METAAA classes. NO weapons of any kind are permitted in the classroom without prior, explicit consent of METAAA instructor.
  5. Students must always be alert and exercise caution in any class as to the potential for injuries or mishaps which are present in any action, movement or stunt training.
  6. Report all injuries and/or accidents to the workshop coordinator or the class instructor so necessary measures can be taken by the staff to aid the student.
  7. DO NOT coerce or goad anyone into performing a movement, action or stunt in the class environment. Support is always welcomed and an important part of the “Tribe” spirit, but badgering, humiliation, and assaults on a fellow student’s ego will not be tolerated.
  8. DO NOT perform or be coerced into performing any movement, action or stunt with which you are not comfortable. It is important that you know your limitations. This is NOT a school for “dare devils.” This will not reflect upon your final skill level or performance and will only be respected.
  9. At all times the instructors have final say as to whether a student is allowed to perform a skill at a given level. Constructive discussions concerning this are tolerated but may have to wait for the appropriate time. Arguments about safety and skill level are never tolerated.

The following conduct is unacceptable and will NOT be tolerated:

  1. All forms of bias including race, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, and creed as demonstrated through verbal and/or written communication and/or physical acts.
  2. Sexual harassment including creating a hostile environment and coercing an individual to perform sexual favors in return for something.
  3. Any physical assaults or verbal threats upon a colleague or an instructor.
  4. All types of proven dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to the institution, forgery, and alteration or use of institution documents with intent to defraud.
  5. Intentional disruption or obstruction of teaching, administration, meetings and programs, disciplinary proceedings, or other school activities.
  6. Theft or damage to the premises and equipment or damage to the property of a colleague or an instructor.
  7. Acts of criminal behavior that place any person in imminent danger.
  8. Violation of the law. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of alcoholic beverages or dangerous controlled substances.
  9. Attending class while inebriated, hung-over, or high.
  10. Reckless behavior during performance or around any of the stunt and safety equipment. This includes reckless weapons handling, or dangerous and reckless physical stunts.
  11. Improper behavior inside or outside the classroom that undermines or compromises the integrity of the Mind’s Eye Tribe Action Actors Academy and/or its staff and student body. This includes unethical use and distribution of video.
  12. Romantic and/or sexual relationships between a student and a faculty or staff member who functions in an instructional context with the student are prohibited, except in the case where the relationship began prior to the instructor’s or student’s involvement with the school. This policy applies to consensual romantic and/or sexual relationships between individuals of the same sex or of the opposite sex. Regardless of who initiates the relationship, the instructor is responsible for complying with this policy.

Breaking any of the above conditions may result in dismissal. Students may be dismissed from the school by the school administrators for not adhering to the school’s rules, regulations, policies, and code of conduct (see above).

Any student who believes that he or she has observed or has experienced prohibited behaviors should report these immediately to an instructor and/or METAAA Staff.