TJ Storm Martial Arts Hall of Fame

TJ Storm


With a quarter-century of performance capture experience, TJ Storm is one of Hollywood’s most expert character creators working in Film, TV, and Video Games. TJ has studied, designed, and created action for every kind of character: aliens and monsters, titans and gods, robots, kaiju, superheroes and supervillains; for projects ranging from Godzilla, Avengers: Infinity War, and Guardians of the Galaxy to Call of Duty, Deadpool, Avatar, and God of War.

A seven-time International Martial Arts Hall of Fame Recipient, TJ’s experience in teaching for over 30 years is invaluable when it comes to movement and performance. Not only does he have a vast knowledge base from his own work experience, but he is able to efficiently impart that knowledge, inspire, and train other performers to understand how to use their own body and imagination to develop a character inside and outside of the classroom.

A lifetime of study in the martial arts, film and tv acting, dance, and intense study with some of the world’s best instructors have given TJ Storm an amazing career as an actor and top performance capture artist, as well as an unparalleled edge in teaching the new generations of actors, action actors, and stunt performers the wonderful and dynamic art of action acting and performance capture.

Terence Rotolo

Swords Master

Terence (T.J.) is a busy and accomplished actor and stuntman, and a specialist when it comes to sword fighting and archaic weapons spanning Europe and Asia.

He’s helped train the casts and stunt people for numerous projects like MASTER & COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD, THE SCORPION KING, BLACK SAILS, the ZORRO films, many HISTORY CHANNEL shows, and numerous motion capture projects and game franchises like DEAD RISING, RESIDENT EVIL, DEVIL MAY CRY, KILL ZONE, NINJA GAIDEN, GHOST RECON, DRAGON’S DOGMA, etc… and was an expert for the HC show DEADLIEST WARRIOR on the Roman Legions.

And let’s not forget his 6 seasons as a martial artist and sword fighter as a POWER RANGER!

Brandin Elmore

Tactical Instructor

Brandin served in Afghanistan with 3rd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment. He was an instructor in Mobile Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) and Close Quarters Combat.

Bradin has also been an instructor in Muay Thai, Silat, Kali and Jun Fan Gung Fu. Has trained in the Martial arts for over 10 years and now teaches martial arts, firearms safety, military tactics and movement. 

Andi Norris

Performance Conditioning Coach

Action Actor, Creature Performer, and Certified Personal Trainer specializing in mobility training. Andi runs the weekly conditioning class Creature Fit that focuses on developing the strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance necessary to excel at action acting and creature performance.

Recent motion capture credits include the Lava Rancor in Vader Immortal, Female Predator & Soldier in Predator: Hunting Grounds, Liliana in Magic: The Gathering Arena, among others yet to be released…