Jedi 7: The Seven Combat Forms of the Jedi ~Lightsaber Performance Class~

This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight,” Obi-Wan Kenobi 

Join us as we examine the Star Wars’ Lightsaber Fighting combat styles.

In this class, we’ll explore the lore and styles of the seven canon lightsaber forms created for Star Wars by George Lucas and his incredible team.

This class will prepare performers (and fans) for work in not only Star Wars, but in any fantasy setting where sword dueling requires more than just solid basics. Performers will gain an understanding of how to meld lore, tone, style and technique into a beautiful action based, storytelling tapestry. 

Join Sword Maestro Terence Rotolo (Black Sails, Power Rangers) and TJ Storm (Vader Immortal, Jedi: Fallen Order) for an adventure into the Star Wars Universe as we focus on mastery of fantasy sword fighting techniques, storytelling and choreography as it intersects with the Star Wars Universe. 

Class Length:

This is a 2 day class. 4 hours/day.

Who’s it for?

This class is for Actors, Action Actors, Stunt Performers and fans of the Star Wars universe. 

Experience Level Required?

Although no prior sword experience is required, we suggest having completed METAAA’s The Way of the Sword: Level 1 or some equivalent Sword Fighting/Stage Combat experience prior to taking this course to fully enjoy the full experience of this intensive. Check our schedule for group classes and packages. 

(Private Instruction available upon request.)

Sword Mastery Level

The Jedi-7 class, though taught as a group, will be separated into smaller teams based on your sword performance experience. Your level will be determined at the beginning of your adventure on your first day.  

Padawans: Beginners

Jedi: Medium Experience

Knights: Well experienced in Sword action performance


A Lightsaber, of course.

This class is best experienced with a Lightsaber (a fantasy sword of laser light as popularized in the Star Wars franchise). There are many variations of Lightsabers, but a single bladed 32” dueling blade of Medium, Heavy or Ultra Heavy Polycarbonate is best. (Lightsabers come in many colors with many sound fonts.)

You may bring your own


Rent a Lightsaber for the class. ~Supplies limited~   (links below). 

This class can also be trained with Shinai (A bamboo practice sword). 

No Bokken (heavy wooden sword) or metal swords are permitted for this class. 

Fingerless gloves are suggested. 

Knee and elbow pads are sometimes useful but not required. 

Intensity Level:

This class will have a medium to high level of intensity.

 Mastery will be gained through repetition, which can require some level of physical exertion.

 Be prepared to work hard while resting and refueling as necessary. 

Lightsaber Rental Options: (Limited Quantity)

Beginner Blade: 32” light pc blade with lighting options – may come with or without basic sound

Link to Lightsaber rental here:

Shinai: Bamboo training sword (for purchase only).

Link to purchase Shinai here:

Register Here:

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