Terence Rotolo

Sword Instructor

Terence (T.J.) is a busy and accomplished actor and stuntman, and a specialist when it comes to sword fighting and archaic weapons spanning Europe and Asia.

He’s helped train the casts and stunt people for numerous projects like MASTER & COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD, THE SCORPION KING, BLACK SAILS, the ZORRO films, many HISTORY CHANNEL shows, and numerous motion capture projects and game franchises like DEAD RISING, RESIDENT EVIL, DEVIL MAY CRY, KILL ZONE, NINJA GAIDEN, GHOST RECON, DRAGON’S DOGMA, etc… and was an expert for the HC show DEADLIEST WARRIOR on the Roman Legions.

And let’s not forget his 6 seasons as a martial artist and sword fighter as a POWER RANGER!