Jedi 7: The Seven Combat Forms of the Jedi ~Lightsaber Performance Class~

“This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight,” Obi-Wan Kenobi  Join us as we examine the Star Wars’ Lightsaber Fighting combat styles. In this class, we’ll explore the lore and styles of the seven canon lightsaber forms created for Star Wars by George Lucas and his incredible team. This class will prepare performers (and fans) […]

Magic, Wizardry, and the Force

Magic, Wizardry, and the Force will look at the many types of Magical performance, Movements, and the interplay between forces and character as well as how to focus your character work to better support the story.

Beast Mode: Creature Performance

Beast Mode helps you to understand the different body types, movement ranges, and mindsets that will allow you to begin creating characters that are the definitive keystone in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror genre performance.

Action for Actors

Action for Actors will help get you up to speed in the basic skills and information that Actors, Action-Actors, Stunt Performers and Creature Performers ABSOLUTELY NEED to perform basic fighting and reactions in the Action genre.

Tactical Performance: Guns & Firearms

Tactical Performance will get the Pcap performer audition and performance ready by being comfortable with modern weapon use, tactical movement, firearm etiquette, trigger discipline, and proper weapon-fire replication.

The Way of the Sword: Swordplay Performance

The Way of the Sword dedicates itself to teaching you how to help bring these legendary stories to life by learning basic swordplay strikes, parries, footwork and reactions as well as the on-set weapon etiquette to keep you safe during your choreography training and final performance.