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At Mind’s Eye Tribe: Action Actor’s Academy, we teach performers the necessary skills to become well-rounded, working Action Actors. We specialize in Character Study, Action Fighting, Swords, Tactical (guns) and Creature Performance for Motion Capture Performance (MOCAP/PCAP), Film and Television. In addition to mastering new skill sets and sharpening their instincts, performers will learn essential rules, techniques and expectations to succeed on the motion capture stage and beyond. We produce versatile actors, action actors and stunt performers, who in turn bring their training and talent to the world.

Where do I start?

Motion Capture Essentials

If you want to be the best, then your training starts here.

Motion Capture Essentials is for the beginning or experienced actor, stunt, or physical performer wanting to understand and better prepare for work in Performance Capture.

Actors, Stunt-people and Specialty performers alike will benefit from the essential skills covered as they advance and evolve the craft so that you are fully prepared to understand everything involved with both Cinematic (cut scenes) and Navigation Performances (the full scope of movements needed to drive the characters in video games and film). Including the process, rules, and variables often associated with this type of performance capture.

Upcoming Classes:

Upcoming Advanced Classes

June 2023

Magic, Wizardry, and the Force will look at the many types of Magical performance, Movements, and the interplay between forces and character as well as how to focus your character work to better support the story.
Action for Actors will help get you up to speed in the basic skills and information that Actors, Action-Actors, Stunt Performers and Creature Performers ABSOLUTELY NEED to perform basic fighting and reactions in the Action genre.

July 2023

Beast Mode helps you to understand the different body types, movement ranges, and mindsets that will allow you to begin creating characters that are the definitive keystone in Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Horror genre performance.

The Tribe at Work

Mind's Eye Tribe members are actively working on AAA games, feature films, tv shows, and so much more! Here's a look at some of their successes.

Motion Capture Ant Man TJ Storm
Godzilla Mocap TJ Storm
Falling Skies Mocap TJ Storm
Motion Capture TJ Storm as the Ultimate Predator
Groot Mocap TJ Storm
Colossus Mocap TJ Storm
Knack 3 Mocap TJ Storm
Mocap Avatar TJ Storm

Our Team

TJ Storm


Andi Norris

Creature Instructor

Terence Rotolo

Sword Instructor

Brandin Elmore

Tactical Instructor

Van Ayasit

Action Instructor

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